Will Ananas Be Able to Fight Hate with Cryptocurrency and Advanced Data?

Will Ananas Be Able to Fight Hate with Cryptocurrency and Advanced Data?

Ananas is a group or initiative, focused on establishing peace through technology. It sounds pretentious, sure, but a new campaign ramping up may show exactly how this kind of thing is possible.

Primarily, they will be focused on offering a form of cryptocurrency called Anacoin. It relates directly to modern understanding of the Quran, and also Muslim communities. Those two concepts seem like they have absolutely no connection, but Ananas has come up with a pretty ingenious strategy to merge them.

They aim to develop a “Living Quran” thanks to technologies like machine learning, blockchain, mobile computing and AI. The Ananas team describes it as “a Quran platform that is interactive, social and contextualised by subjective knowledge.”

The ultimate goal is to deliver a modern form of the Quran that is updated, translated and interpreted for today’s audience; allowing muslims to study or congregate around a more modern version of the text. They hope that this will promote “understanding, tolerance, and community across borders” as more people come to understand the words behind the religion.

Today, there is so much hate speech, divisive politics, fake news and sensational print centered around the Muslim community. Many who do not understand the core of the religion, seek to blame radicalized segments of the community – most of which have no connection to the core religion – on the entire movement. The team calls it a form of “mapping ideologies” that will offer a better understanding of such belief systems.

Queue the Anacoin economy fueled by Ananas, meant to change all that.

How Will Anacoin Work?

Anacoin will hold value in its scarcity, as currently there are only 1 billion coins issued. As for its purpose, it’s meant to monetize the contributing community. Groups, teams, and users will be paid to annotate and modernize an online version of the Quran. Think of it as a reward for spreading true and accurate information as opposed to much of the Islamic extremism and Islamophobia we see rampant today.

The Living Quran will essentially be, the Wikipedia of the core religious text. With many contributors and teams working to provide an updated view on the content within. Helpful, true, and enlightened content will be verified using Anacoin as a form of payment.

It’s a way to completely incentivize and fuel the spreading of more accurate information. The Co-founder and CEO of Ananas, Zeena Qureshi says: “Information without context isn’t knowledge. Extremists have so many people marketing for them online. They target vulnerable, isolated individuals.”

The issue then becomes the information or content they have access to, which can provide a skewed perception.

“If these people are looking for answers, they need to come to a place where this information is outlined. Things like Charlottesville are happening because people don’t have the information or understanding. Information feeds empathy.”

The Anacoins will help fuel the movement, gaining value as the platform itself becomes more popular and powerful.

Supply and Demand Comes from Within the Community

The circulation of supply and demand will change over time, as new ideologies are added and the community grows. With each addition, more coins will be issued, to both boost value and availability of the coin.

Hopefully, this will foster a safe, reliable, and trustworthy community dedicated to supporting more modern ideologies with realistic and accurate content. If all goes well, it will serve as a central resource for many, to build their knowledge and understand of things they aren’t quite familiar with. It starts with the Quran and Muslim community, but it certainly won’t end there.

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