How VR Will Affect the Business World in 2018?

How VR Will Affect the Business World in 2018

Already, businesses use virtual reality in a very real way to save money, retain customers and train employees. In 2018, VR will no longer be the hyped up “entertainment enhancing” tool it has become in 2017. Instead, it will take on the role of empowering businesses in a very real way.

Save Millions on Prototypes and Testing

Businesses have started implementing VR to help with product prototyping and testing. VR has presented a cost-effective way for businesses to design and test products virtually, rather than building the product and taking the time to test it in reality.

Ford says their engineers have saved approximately $8 million a year by using VR to design their parts and test certain elements of new cars and parts before they go into the costly and time-consuming full-blown production.

Millions of dollars could be saved by eliminating the need to build huge full-scale prototypes and products to conduct tests. Boeing and Airbus have used VR to design and test new models and features without building them in actuality.

VR as a Marketing Tool

We all know the online and social media sphere have caused the ways of marketing and advertising to change rapidly. VR adds a totally new element to consumer service. With VR, consumers may replace shopping with virtually experiencing the product.

With VR, consumers can experience driving the new car they are looking for. They can experience cooking in the new kitchen they have thought about adding to their homes. VR makes real product trials and demonstrations possible.

Take virtually shopping for real estate as an example. Instead of taking hours upon hours to drive around with a realtor, potential home or real estate buyers can experience shopping for a home with VR.

In addition to giving customers the opportunity to test products, VR also offers businesses access to analytics that provide an understanding of audience preference and behavior. According to experts, VR may be one of the most well-suited ways to study human perception, intuition and pattern recognition.

VR also offers businesses the potential to provide customers with a distraction-free way to experience a product, thus increasing the duration of a customer or user’s say within an application or test run of a product.

Training Employees, No Longer a Long and Difficult Process

We all know a new job comes with weeks and weeks of training, often including numerous mistakes and more work for older employees. Businesses no longer have to worry about taking time out of others schedules to train new employees, thanks to VR. Similar to how VR can create demonstrations for customers, it can create simulations and demonstrations for new employees.

Why test a new employee in reality and risk potential mistakes, when you can push a reset button if training through VR? Training employees in a real-life workplace situation has become obsolete. New employees stress out business leaders, customers and other employees. VR can completely eliminate the difficulty of training a new employee.

Some businesses already spearheading VR employee training include UPS and Walmart. UPS said it will start training student drivers using VR headsets. The new drivers will use the headsets to help them identify problems and road hazards and how to move their vehicles around these types of hazards. Walmart said it will use VR training to train employees on how to deal with real-world situations such as Black Friday shopping rushes and cleaning up food spills.

Get Ready for All Things VR in 2018

VR is no longer a foreign, misunderstood tool that only millennials are interested in. VR has become a business tool, and before long VR headsets may be used as tools for employee training and for improving customer experience. Already businesses are exploring analytics, marketing and employee training through VR.

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