Tech Gift Guide for 2018

tech gift guide

Wondering which tech gifts are worth your time in 2018? Whether the recipients on your list include professionals and creatives, moms and dads or little ones, there’s something out there to suit just about anybody. Here are some of our favorite picks for 2018 and beyond, for the tech-savvy — or even not so much! — loved ones in your life.

Business Professionals and Creatives

Citizen Eco-Drive Watch (~$200+): For the creative spirit or busy business professional, there’s a lot to like about smartwatches. But depending on the circumstances, sometimes a great-looking old-fashioned timepiece is just what you need to make an impression or cut out distractions during a busy creative sprint. Eco-Drive watches from Citizen look timeless and classy, but they run on solar power, meaning there’s no winding required and no battery to replace.

Tile Pro Wireless Trackers (~$35): If you know somebody who’s prone to leaving their phone, keys, wallet, sketchbook, briefcase or anything else behind as they come and go, the new and improved Tile Pro tracker is a great gift to consider. The new model will help you find your lost items at a range of up to 300 feet, and they now feature user-replaceable batteries, meaning you’ll get many years of faithful service.

Apple Airpods (~$160): If there’s somebody in your life who self-identifies as an “audiophile,” buy them audio equipment at your peril. But for everybody else, Apple’s Airpods are probably the ideal compromise between wireless convenience and sound quality. There’s some extra magic that lets them remain paired with all your iOS and macOS devices at the same time, but they operate like tiny, excellent Bluetooth headphones with Android and Windows devices too.

Moms and Grandmas

Waterpik Aquarius Professional Water Flosser (~$90): Everybody knows how vital flossing is to our oral and overall health, even if we like to pretend otherwise. For busy moms and anyone else in your life, a water flosser seems like a strange choice — until you realize the world of good it can do your mouth while shaving minutes off the tedium of flossing the manual way. Waterpiks come with a strong recommendation from oral health specialists — and they’re an affordable gift choice for the mother or wife in your life.

Sierra Modern Home Wi-Fi Essential Oil Diffuser (~$40): The “healing properties” of essential oils are probably bunk, but there’s no denying they can help create an incredibly comforting atmosphere that calms each of the senses. Oil diffusers with Wi-Fi capabilities let you create schedules and remotely operate your diffuser, which is great for the winter months or any other time, since it releases a sinus-soothing mist into the air, plus your choice of oil. It’s perfect for make-believing you’re at the spa, even if you’re still at home, exhausted from getting the kids into bed.

Sonos One (~$200): Sonos isn’t the only name in smart wireless speakers anymore, but they’re still some of the most popular. The Sonos One packs a punch on its own, but you can go even further and link a set of two or four to outfit a whole room or floor of your house. For your money, this is probably the best speaker of its kind currently available and works with most modern devices and streaming services. It’s also a snap to set up and get connected.

Dads and Granddads

Wemo Smart Plug (~$35): Nothing says “perfect gift for Dad” quite like a smart home gadget. But the Wemo Smart Plug is unique — it acts as an intermediary between your home’s power outlets and your appliances and accessories, granting the former wireless smart home connectivity. For example, you can plug in your favorite lamp, or maybe your pet iguana’s heating pad, then control them from anywhere using your smartphone. It’s not just for dads, either — setup is easy enough that this is a great gift for Granddad, too.

DJI Spark Drone (~$400): DJI has been in the drones game for a while now, and with the Spark model, they’ve distilled each of their previous breakthroughs into a sleek, easy-to-use model that’s easy and fun for anybody to dip their toes into this dynamic hobby. The DJI Spark quickly launches from the palm of your hand and keeps track of you via facial recognition.

Roav Dashcam C1 (~$73): A creation of world-favorite mobile accessory maker Anker, the Roav Dashcam is a performance dash cam that can take high-quality footage of all your adventures. It even delivers peace of mind in collisions, as it’ll detect bumps and lurches and automatically exit standby mode to record accidents and hit-and-runs.


Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Instant Film Camera (~$56): If you’re not quite ready to hand your kids a smartphone of their own, but you know they like engaging in creative or just plain fun hijinks with the onboard camera, consider picking up a Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Instant Camera. It’s fun for younger ones and the whole family! Plus, it’s just nice to take a step back in time now and then. The camera might take Fujifilm instant film, but it still sports a selfie mirror for painless and perfect photo-based memory-making.

Nintendo Switch Console (~$300): The Switch is probably one of the smartest consoles Nintendo has ever released. It can be a stationary gaming console and home entertainment conduit in your living room, or you can use the large-screened controller in handheld mode to take your Switch anywhere you go, while maintaining a seamless, console-quality gaming experience.

LEGO Mindstorms EV3 (~$350): LEGO’s Mindstorms series has long been a favorite gift for students, kids and teenagers who have an interest in robotics, programming, automation and more. The EV3 kit combines the joy of building with colorful and versatile LEGO and TECHNIC building components, while using a home computer to program your new robot to carry out your chosen tasks. It’s a great introduction to robots for anyone who already loves building toys.

There are just too many great gift ideas out there to give a shout-out to them all! If you have some great 2018 tech gift ideas we haven’t covered here that you’re dying to share, let us know in the comments!

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