3 Things Project Managers Need to Know in the Engineering Industry

project managers in engineering

Project management in engineering is as vital as it is potentially misunderstood. Like it or not, many project managers have had to learn the hard way that their job is less about frontline engineering work and more about taking a mindful, deliberate, top-down approach to directing projects of all kinds and sizes.

If it sounds like a dusty office job, it’s anything but. Like a project engineer, project managers oftentimes find themselves on jobsites or in the coding trenches if their work has taken them into IT or software development. For the most part, though, project managers have to understand human nature and know how to apply it to the process of solving a problem or getting a product to market. This includes developing some of the internal processes being used, ensuring clients’ needs are top-of-mind and generally making sure all the moving pieces work well together.

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The Impact of Data Analytics in the Food Industry

taking picture of breakfast with smartphone

Data science and big data, in general, are changing the world around us. Some of the more prominent industries where data is making an impact include retail, customer service, and construction, as well as manufacturing and development.

It’s no secret that these days, just about everything relies on a digital component — and digital platforms collect, generate and transmit data.

Every so often, however, data applications come as a surprise not regarding their adoption, but how they impact the greater world. That’s precisely the case in food and beverage, as data is fundamentally reshaping the way we eat, drink and sometimes even cook.

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The Modern Supply Chain

modern supply chain

There’s an upper limit to the amount of foresight and intuition human beings can bring to any complex process. Beyond that, we need to rely on technology and the gathering of data.

The modern supply chain is a wonder of engineering and human cooperation, but it’s come to rely on an increasingly connected web of digital and physical tools. These days, it’s hard to imagine a supply chain operation that doesn’t pull and react to data in real-time. Let’s take a look at this modern supply chain in practice, and how all of this data results in leaner operations and timelier decision-making.

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B2B Digital Transformation

digital transformation and b2b

A lot of conversations about digital transformation today are about B2C businesses. But it’s a mistake to assume things aren’t changing in the B2B world too. It’s thanks to the constant churn of new technologies and methodologies that make what we do — whatever we do — easier, smarter and more efficient.

Whether you call it “going digital” or something else, what we’re talking about is an investment. And investments come with opportunities as well as potential risks. Here’s a brief look at both.

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Location Intelligence, AI, and the Future of Data

location intelligence

Big data technologies have changed the way we interact, review and leverage volumes of information. They’ve given rise to a multitude of new solutions, particularly automated and highly-efficient analytics streams that could systematically improve operations.

When coupled with AI and machine learning, those data streams become a veritable treasure trove of insights. Such tools are capable of analyzing unprecedented quantities of information at superhuman speeds with little to no oversight.

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The B2B Customer Experience in 2019

b2b customer experience

Whenever we start a conversation about customer experience, it seems like it’s B2C that gets to have all the fun. But if 2019 and beyond is likely to tell us anything, it’s that there really isn’t a huge division between these two types of buying experiences — not when small businesses speak for about half the workforce and its buying power, and pretty much always has. In other words, there’s considerable overlap between your target market and the “C” in “B2C.”

Make 2019 the year your B2B company rediscovers how to create a great experience in order to speak to, and better serve, your B2B customers, no matter who they may be.

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The State of Tech

state of tech

Start to finish, 2018 was a memorable year in tech. From record-breaking highs to rock-bottom lows, through scandal and controversy, the biggest brands in the industry made an immeasurable impact on its future. Apple, Google, Facebook, and Tesla each contributed in both positive and negative ways.

We’ll touch on all the most relevant news from the past year, providing a comprehensive picture of the current state of tech.

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What Is Cloud-Native Development?

cloud native development

If your company regularly develops digital apps, there’s a good chance your development strategy is going to shift, or may already have shifted, to a “cloud-native” mindset.

In case you’re not familiar with the term, let’s go over its advantages and take a look at why it might become essential for developers in the very near future.

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How to Set up Your New Phone

how to set up new phone

With the holidays right around the corner, a lot of people will be receiving gifts — some of which will be new phones. Whether you’re splurging for yourself or someone else pulled a fast one to surprise you, you’ll need to set up that shiny new piece of technology.

Activating the phone on your current mobile plan or network is handled through your carrier, and it may have even been done already in the store. Setting up the OS and customizing the various settings and menus so they meet your preferences is all up to you.

In light of that, here are some quick tips for setting up your new phone, be it iOS- or Android-powered.

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