What iOS 12 Offers Businesses

iOS 12 and business

The new iOS 12 update rolled out to Apple devices on September 17th, finally leaving the beta period behind. If you haven’t installed the update already, you can do so by going to Settings > General > Software Update on compatible devices. If you willing decided to not install the update, here are some reasons why you should consider iOS 12.

Many people don’t like change. Getting something new over something you already know works well enough might be a little intimidating. The fear of messing something up grows only larger when the device in question is for work and. However, the iOS 12 has a lot of updates for businesses and their employees. Checking them out and making the decision from there certainly won’t hurt and could, in fact, lead to increased productivity.

Much Faster Speeds

iOS 12 comes with performance boosts to launch your apps faster than ever before, up to 40 percent faster. The camera launches 70 percent faster, the keyboard appears 50 percent faster and the typing is more responsive. Not only is the update faster but iOS 12 saves money.

Being more accessible and convenient is one thing, but upgrading existing devices is another. iOS 12 can be installed on any devices with iOS 11. iPhones and iPads dating back more than five years can get this update and perform like a brand new device.


In iOS 12, notifications are now grouped together. NotifIcationss from a single app or topic can be previewed, selected or discarded all at once. You now have a wider range of control over which apps can send notifications and what those messages are about. You can even manage them from the lock screen.

There are also improvements to the Do Not Disturb, or DND, feature. You can now use DND more broadly. Instead of setting a timer, you can also set DND to stay on until you leave a specific location or the end of a particular event or meeting. Critical alerts are still important, so you can opt-in to see them even when DND is enabled.

Group FaceTime

FaceTime has gotten a massive boost but allowing you to have up to 32 participants in a call at once. You can also answer incoming calls from any device or join different ones at any time. The new FaceTime will enlarge a speaker’s face on the screen as they speak and minimize their screen when they’re done talking. For remote meetings, this is a game changer.

In the event you don’t want to use visual FaceTime, there are the usual audio options but now you can use emojis. More precisely, you can use Animoji or Memoji. Memoji is a customizable avatar you can make to look like yourself for chatting. The avatar copies your facial movements and acts as an animated version of yourself.

Augmented Reality

Apple’s new software, the ARKit 2, can be used for a wide range of experiences, not just gameplay. Apple’s augmented reality, or AR, now has multi-person support and the ability to send AR objects through messages. New features include better face tracker, 3D object detection, and better rendering.

Apple, supported by Adobe, teamed up with Pixar to make their AR better than ever before. Not just businesses, but education, testing, guides and emergency situations can all benefit from AR. In the realms of retail, showcasing new or large products has become easier than ever before.

The Features Are Endless

Everything has improved with the new iOS 12 update. From Siri to photos to tracking your own screen time, the new features are capable of better things than before. Even the security has improved to prevent tracking your data and automatically creating strong passwords. The new features are great and worth the download if you have the device.

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