How to Position Your New Business to Look Bigger Than It Is

position your new business to look bigger than it is

Your small business might be able to perform just as well as your larger competitors, but potential clients and customers can’t see that. When some people look at a small business, they get the impression that it is untested and inexperienced. When they look at larger organizations, they assume that it is more reliable and more stable.

For small business owners, there are strategies that you can use to make your business look bigger than it really is. This can help potential clients get over the uneasiness they may have about working with a smaller company, and in return, it can be a move that will help your company grow. Here are a few tips that you can use to put the best face on your company and make it look a little bigger than it really is.

Build a Good Website

Every company should have a website. If you don’t have one, that is definitely going to make you look like a small operation. But you don’t want to build just any website; you want to build one that has a professional look that is going to impress visitors.

In the modern day, your website is the face of your company. The vast majority of customers do online research before buying, and your website is going to be one of the first places they go. When you are building a website, you want to make sure it looks good and that it provides visitors with a good experience. If your website looks cheap or like it was just quickly thrown together, it is not going to send the right message.

Get a Professional Address

Using your home address is a dead giveaway when it comes to telling people you are a small operation. You might be able to do everything you need to from your home office, but big organizations have offices and locations that are away from the owner’s home.

Renting office space can be a good solution, but maybe you are not ready to take on that expense. If you want to save money and still project the image of a larger organization, you could rent a mailbox through an office-sharing program or you could rent space from a company like UPS.

Use a Hosted PBX

There is nothing inherently wrong with running your business from your mobile phone, but it is another one of those things that can tell people you are a smaller operation. If you want to look bigger, you could invest in a phone system like the ones used at larger businesses.

With a hosted PBX, you get all of the features and advantages of a business phone system without the cost of the equipment and maintenance. You can have multiple lines, extensions for different people and departments, answering service and an 800 number. Since it works over the internet, some of them even have apps that can tie your mobile phone into the system.

Hire Online Contractors

Being a small business with just a few employees might work out most of the time, but you may also need some help once in a while. What if you get a large project that needs to get done faster than your team can handle? What happens when you need skills or knowledge outside the range of your regular staff? Online contractors provide a solution to these problems.

You have several work online platforms that can provide your small business with all sorts of different talent. You can hire graphic designers, content creators, social media managers, programmers and more. You could also consider hiring a virtual assistant to do things like answer phones, set appointments, organize your schedule and take messages.


Hiring online contractors can be one way to get some of your work done, but you could also consider automating various processes. With automation, you can take some tasks off the list for you and your staff, and this will allow you and your employees to focus on the core mission of the company.

If you have a lot of email communications or if you use email for marketing, email automation can make your business look more responsive and it can be good for getting content out on a schedule. Social media automation can also work for running many of the aspects of your social media strategy. Automated systems can help you to develop better content for your social media accounts, manage a posting schedule and it can be used to handle simple customer interactions.

Since many customers often assume that bigger is better, making your small business look bigger is a part of presenting the best image you can. It will help you to win more customers, and in time, your organization will grow. Eventually, it may even grow to a point where you no longer need to employ strategies to make it bigger.

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