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How to Solve Your IT Team’s Biggest Issues

Technology is supposed to get easier to use over time, right? So why is it that information technology (IT) teams are continually overworked and playing catch-up?

For one, newer and better technology means that we’re trying to do more and more things. That opens the door for more to break, and when things break it lands in IT’s lap. Also, many teams are getting smaller as technology is (allegedly) becoming more plug-and-play. So how do you remove the roadblocks your IT team faces and allow them to do more with less? Here are a few things you can try.

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The Impact of Data Analytics in the Food Industry

taking picture of breakfast with smartphone

Data science and big data, in general, are changing the world around us. Some of the more prominent industries where data is making an impact include retail, customer service, and construction, as well as manufacturing and development.

It’s no secret that these days, just about everything relies on a digital component — and digital platforms collect, generate and transmit data.

Every so often, however, data applications come as a surprise not regarding their adoption, but how they impact the greater world. That’s precisely the case in food and beverage, as data is fundamentally reshaping the way we eat, drink and sometimes even cook.

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Tech Gift Guide for 2018

tech gift guide

Wondering which tech gifts are worth your time in 2018? Whether the recipients on your list include professionals and creatives, moms and dads or little ones, there’s something out there to suit just about anybody. Here are some of our favorite picks for 2018 and beyond, for the tech-savvy — or even not so much! — loved ones in your life.

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Why Small Businesses Need to Merge Physical and Digital

merge physical and digital

Let’s talk about how small businesses need to merge their physical and digital presences to survive in today’s competitive business environment. Physical retail sales — those conducted at brick-and-mortar locations — still account for more than 90 percent of all sales made. And depending on the industry in which you do business, your ties to local markets and shoppers might not be in as much danger as some others when it comes to e-commerce rivals. But even if you seem to have a “captive audience” at the local or regional level, having a strong digital presence is still very much a necessity today, make no mistake about it.

There’s an interesting balance to strike between the physical and the digital footprint of a company. Here’s what small business owners should know.

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