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How Tech Is Impacting America’s Opioid Crisis

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The New York Times has called it the “deadliest drug crisis in American history,” and for good reason. Every day, 115 Americans or more perish after overdosing on opioids. Of course, we’re talking about the modern opioid epidemic that has swept across the nation. Three-fourths of all drug overdose deaths can be attributed to opioids, prescription painkillers, heroin and synthetics like fentanyl notwithstanding.

It is considered a crisis not only because of the public health ramifications, but also its impact on social and economic welfare. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that prescription opioid abuse costs the United States $78.5 billion a year. That estimate includes the cost of healthcare, productivity loss, addiction and health treatment, and criminal justice burdens.

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4 Healthcare Technologies Your Hospital Should Be Using — and Probably Will in the Future

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The health industry is full of gadgets and tech platforms that enhance patient care and ease the typical burdens felt by professionals who treat people in hospitals and similar settings. Below, you can get a rundown of some of the healthcare technologies you should already be implementing in day-to-day operations at your facility. They’ll almost certainly become part of your workplace in the future.

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2018: The Year of Augmented Reality

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Virtual reality (VR) is more popular than ever before. From video games to interactive broadcasting, mainstream consumers are enamored with the new technology — but it’s not the only form of supplemental reality that’s making headlines.

Instead of replacing their entire surroundings with a virtualized world, many are using augmented reality (AR) to add various fun, creative and useful digital elements to the real world.

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Will Ananas Be Able to Fight Hate with Cryptocurrency and Advanced Data?

Will Ananas Be Able to Fight Hate with Cryptocurrency and Advanced Data?

Ananas is a group or initiative, focused on establishing peace through technology. It sounds pretentious, sure, but a new campaign ramping up may show exactly how this kind of thing is possible.

Primarily, they will be focused on offering a form of cryptocurrency called Anacoin. It relates directly to modern understanding of the Quran, and also Muslim communities. Those two concepts seem like they have absolutely no connection, but Ananas has come up with a pretty ingenious strategy to merge them.

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