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Job Search Tips for Recent IT Grads

job search tips for IT grads

Graduation day can come with a harsh reality: You’ve got to find a job. If you’re smart, you’re reading this before that fateful day comes. Even if you are reading this after the fact, this simple advice will help you turn the corner from academia to business.

Today’s job market is thirsty for technical people, so don’t get downtrodden if the first few applications you submit don’t yield an offer. If you need some inspiration for new ways to get exposure to potential job opportunities, try a few of these ideas.

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From AI to Amazon: The Digital Transformation of the Food Supply Chain

digital transformation of the food supply chain

If you expected the food and beverage industries to be exempt from digital transformation, you’re in for a surprise. Technology is rapidly changing every industry and the supply chains which support them — and that includes how we purchase and distribute food. This is a look at just a few of the technologies changing this industry forever and for the better.

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5 Ways to Foster a Culture of Change

foster culture of change

There’s a classic philosophical thought experiment called the “Ship of Theseus.” If the owners have replaced all the sails, all the masts and every plank on every deck, is it the same ship it used to be?

A study from four years ago found that 90 percent of company owners expected their organizations to do more changing in the coming five years than they had over the previous five. How much different do you think those companies actually are today? How many of them made good on their promise to change with the times?

You don’t need to become a “Company of Theseus” or pursue change for its own sake. But meaningful, deliberate and incremental change is the stuff that magic is made of. So how can you build your culture around it?

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