Archive - February 2019

The Modern Supply Chain

modern supply chain

There’s an upper limit to the amount of foresight and intuition human beings can bring to any complex process. Beyond that, we need to rely on technology and the gathering of data.

The modern supply chain is a wonder of engineering and human cooperation, but it’s come to rely on an increasingly connected web of digital and physical tools. These days, it’s hard to imagine a supply chain operation that doesn’t pull and react to data in real-time. Let’s take a look at this modern supply chain in practice, and how all of this data results in leaner operations and timelier decision-making.

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B2B Digital Transformation

digital transformation and b2b

A lot of conversations about digital transformation today are about B2C businesses. But it’s a mistake to assume things aren’t changing in the B2B world too. It’s thanks to the constant churn of new technologies and methodologies that make what we do — whatever we do — easier, smarter and more efficient.

Whether you call it “going digital” or something else, what we’re talking about is an investment. And investments come with opportunities as well as potential risks. Here’s a brief look at both.

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