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Location Intelligence, AI, and the Future of Data

location intelligence

Big data technologies have changed the way we interact, review and leverage volumes of information. They’ve given rise to a multitude of new solutions, particularly automated and highly-efficient analytics streams that could systematically improve operations.

When coupled with AI and machine learning, those data streams become a veritable treasure trove of insights. Such tools are capable of analyzing unprecedented quantities of information at superhuman speeds with little to no oversight.

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The B2B Customer Experience in 2019

b2b customer experience

Whenever we start a conversation about customer experience, it seems like it’s B2C that gets to have all the fun. But if 2019 and beyond is likely to tell us anything, it’s that there really isn’t a huge division between these two types of buying experiences — not when small businesses speak for about half the workforce and its buying power, and pretty much always has. In other words, there’s considerable overlap between your target market and the “C” in “B2C.”

Make 2019 the year your B2B company rediscovers how to create a great experience in order to speak to, and better serve, your B2B customers, no matter who they may be.

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The State of Tech

state of tech

Start to finish, 2018 was a memorable year in tech. From record-breaking highs to rock-bottom lows, through scandal and controversy, the biggest brands in the industry made an immeasurable impact on its future. Apple, Google, Facebook, and Tesla each contributed in both positive and negative ways.

We’ll touch on all the most relevant news from the past year, providing a comprehensive picture of the current state of tech.

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