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AI Software as a Service

data chip designed brain diagram

SaaS or software-as-a-service platforms specialize in mass data processing in more ways than one. The content alone is stored remotely and streamed — as data packets no less — to a remote machine.

But the technology has also evolved to the point where entire systems are delivered via the cloud. Think a sales facilitation and analytics platform that handles everything from product invoicing to customer experiences.

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Becoming a Cloud-Native Business

cloud native business

The progress of technology has forced many businesses to improve just so they can keep up. Robots and automation are driving some of this pace, but there are far more sophisticated options only the Internet and similar technology can provide.

Businesses are moving their entire structures to the cloud to become more high-tech and speed up their manufacturing. Becoming a cloud-native company is not an immediate or easy task, but the long-term rewards are worth the price.

Many consumers already do most of their business online anyway. Becoming cloud-native shouldn’t be a company’s first step into online business, but rather the goal.

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Will the Blockchain Change Data Security?

blockchain and cybersecurity

While data security was never a luxury or afterthought — it’s always been a crucial component of digital operations — nearly every business, organization and individual has to worry about it these days, from smartphones and wearable tech to smart home devices and IOT equipment. Just about anything and everything is connected, tapped into a nearby network and both collecting and creating data.

Every day our lives — personal and professional — are spent more and more online, and that amounts to lots of data and digital content. But alongside that, major data breaches and cyber attacks are also commonplace. We need to come up with a better solution for protecting all that information and fast. That’s where blockchain technology fits into the equation.

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Networking at B2B Events

networking at B2B events

B2B and B2C networking are two very different things. What works for one may not work for another. The prime time to network for B2B is at events, conferences and workshops, and they should regularly be frequented to make a strong network of like-minded entrepreneurs.

At events, you can showcase your skills and talents directly to prospective businesses. Events are good for everyone, and the popularity of them can make the networking world intimidating. Here are a few things to remember when considering rubbing elbows with B2B event veterans.

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