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Edge Computing v. Cloud Computing

edge computing

The Internet of Things is expected to grow rapidly in the next year. In fact, predictions by Gartner say there will be 20.8 connected devices and used worldwide by 2020. From manufacturers to marketing professionals, everyone is jumping on board the IoT trend.

This growth has lead to a challenge with getting data processed from so many connected devices. To overcome that challenge, we have seen the growth of cloud computing and most recently the introduction of edge computing.

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Is Hybrid Cloud Computing the Next Move for Your Company?

hybrid cloud computing

Hybrid cloud computing utilizes a mixture of an on-premises private cloud environment and third-party public cloud services, with workloads moving between the private and public clouds, adjusting based on changes in computing needs and cost fluctuations. Generally, the hybrid cloud provides businesses with increased data deployment options and superior flexibility to alternatives. The cloud computing environment offers a variety of benefits for many industries.

There are several reasons why hybrid cloud computing could be the next big move for the cloud.

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The Future of B2B Customer Service

B2B customer service

Business-to-business companies are typically not known for their customer service skills because they are often not deemed necessary in the B2B industry. However, B2B companies must also deliver a positive customer experience in order to be successful. According to an Accenture study, 80 percent of B2B executives believe offering positive customer service is directly connected to generating better business results.

There are many challenges B2B companies face when it comes to creating positive customer service. However, there are ways B2B can and will target customer experience in the future.

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